Million Tree

Million Tree is a 3 reel and 1 payline slot that though it can seem quite simple can grant great fortune if luck is on your side. 

The wild symbol substitutes all symbols and if you are extra lucky you get a multiplier in combination with the wild symbol which will result in added payouts. 

This game is fairly straightforward. If you get three specific symbols on the payline you win. The wild symbol can substitute all symbols and will increase your chances of a win. A multiplier may apply to the payout when the wild symbol stops on the payline. You can win up to x888 your bet with the Wild symbol. 

Look out for lightning as when they appear on the screen wild symbols can appear more frequently leading to increased wins. Another interesting feature is the wind. Reels will respin when a win is not triggered and the wind blows, so keep on looking for that windy win! 

When the world tree shakes the reels you can expect something special! And remember that when the fruit of happiness is growing on the world tree it brings wealth to the player, so let the Million Tree grant you good luck and prosperity! 


GAME NAME Million Tree