Monster Domination

Monster Domination is a 5 by 3 classic monster feel slot game with monsters and enemies in a traditional Japanese art style. If you want to experience the thin line between the dead and the living you should definitely give Monster Domination a try. Three Player Monsters vie to rule it: the powerful Frankenstein, the quick Siren and the ruthless Carmilla. Which one will conquer the enemies and give you your rightful wealth?

The goal is to reach the Battle Feature by receiving 3 or more scatters. Once reached the player is awarded 5 free spins and awarded a randomly picked player Monster  - Carmilla, Frankenstein or Siren - before the battle. The monster symbols only appear in the Battle Feature and the number of monster symbols after each spin determines the strength of the attack on the enemy. By powering up your monster gauge and collecting 10 Monster Power symbols you will also enter the battle feature and get 5 free spins. 

By winning your round within the given 5 free spins, awards another 5 free spins and a bonus prize. The size of the bonus is determined by both the player monster and the defeated enemy type. There is a maximum of 4 rounds, or enemies if you will, to defeat! The stronger the enemy the greater your reward! 

Annihilate the monsters and carve your path through this broken land in Monster Domination!


GAME NAME Monster Domination