Ninja Hero Goemon

Ishikawa Goemon was a legendary Japanese outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, a real Japanese version of Robin Hood. In this original 5x3 pachinko inspired slot game you take on battles to help Goemon defeat mythical enemies. With inspiration from Japanese traditional culture your mission is to defeat the enemies using different, legendary weapons assigned to you by Goemon. 

The different weapons are only assigned to you if you reach the Battle Feature. Each weapon has a different bonus associated with it and the bonus is awarded by defeating enemies. The question is if you are game to join the Ninja Hero Goemon, and defeat the enemies and reap your rewards? 

After the enemy is defeated, Chest Bonuses appear, depending on Goemon’s weapon. With two chests, you can win a prize bonus to multiply your bonus up to x15. The multiplier bonus is accumulated each round an enemy is defeated and is only reset once Goemon is defeated or the Level 4 enemy is defeated.

The Smoking Pipe gives you a multiplier and a prize bonus after each defeated enemy. If you get assigned a Sword instead you’ll be given a prize bonus after each defeated enemy. The Throwing Star will randomly award you either a multiplier and or a prize bonus after you have defeated level 3 and level 4 enemies.

Multiply your winnings and reap your rewards with various styles of weapons and Ninjutsu in Ninja Hero Goemon. If you’re lucky that is! 

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GAME NAME Ninja Hero Goemon