Raigeki Rising X30

Discover this 3 reel slot where the base is traditional but amplified with pachinko mathematics. Set in a space theme with upbeat music it certainly creates a fast pace with high expectations. 

The lamps on the top of the reels indicate the actual number of Symbol wins. One at a time is lit up for every Symbol win you land and at the same time increasing the wins with x1, x2 or x4. If you manage to light up the Plasma ball at the top, Symbols will turn into Wild symbols. The game will go back to the initial state once the Symbol win streak is broken. 

Raigeki Rising is the result of a slot galaxy colliding with a Pachinko parlor creating an outer space experience filled with extra Rush and Charge. If you like games with elevation you got to try Raigeki Rising. 


GAME NAME Raigeki Rising X30